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Communication with Realtors

A while ago an agent wanted me to photograph a furnished house for the MLS  which was supposed to be rented out. I basically finished the shoot except for the bedrooms which still had to be cleaned and prepared. When I returned to the property a few days later, I had been told that everything was ready to finish up the project and I really didn’t expect to encounter any sizable problems. Well, I was wrong. The beds were clean and made, but the pillow cases and blankets were extremely wrinkled (almost like elephant skin) and didn’t photograph well. I spent quite some time in post-processing, but the pillows and blankets still looked messy. There was also the fact that the pillow cases were much too large for that kind of pillow, so no matter how much I pulled, shook and arranged, the pillows would fall over. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my product, but once in a while silly little complications can really mess up a photo shoot and unless I would have ironed the bedding there wasn’t much for me to do to improve the situation.  So, how can you convey that to your realtor, when he or she is only interested in a perfect finished product (and rightfully so)? In my case, time was of the essence and instead of calling right away and telling the agent, that the beds won’t photograph well and they should be made over, I took the photos and tried to explain later and of course that didn’t work. It doesn’t matter how many good images you deliver, one less than perfect shot can impair the quality of the entire product. So if you see a problem that is impossible to “fix” in post-processing, call the realtor instantly and tell him or her that you can’t photograph the room under these conditions. Ever since, I am asking agents to read my “Home Preparation Guide” which is located on my website under the “Services” menu which can also be downloaded as a PDF file and printed.  Isn’t it ultimately in the best interest of the realtor?