What Makes a Great Architectural Photograph?

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Good question. Basically it boils down to the three main ingredients, perspective, unity and contrast. Each by itself will create maybe a technically sound, but definitely boring image. We are talking about a very powerful trinity which is put to its perfection through the seasonings of light and a photographer’s eye for details.
A passionate architectural photographer’s job is it to evoke a certain mood and to shape an image, which is mostly accomplished with the use of light. A photograph should represent the true image of a scene, building or interior and at the same time introduce some sense of mystery. A natural but striking look will capture the viewer and will increase interest in the subject. The real challenge is, to take a scene, room or building that is three-dimensional and display it in a two-dimensional form. This sounds almost impossible, but using perspective, unity and contrast, it can certainly be achieved. To construct this real-life appearance, shapes can be brought out by accentuating angles and curves with light. The worst impression someone could get from a poorly taken photograph is the one of being vacant and lifeless.

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