Why Should Your Verticals be Vertical?


The use of a wide angle lens has many advantages, but also one serious disadvantage- “wide angle distortion”. While this isn’t always an issue in landscape photography, in real estate photography we deal with it on every single photo shoot. Even if your realtor likes what you are delivering, straight lines will distinguish you from being average. We live in an environment full of vertical walls and if we look at an image where the vertical lines are off, we feel uneasy, disoriented and possibly also some kind of tension. This is a vertical world, where gravity defines up and down and vertical defines the direction gravity is pulling, so we all have this sort of hyper-sensitivity to verticals. If you start paying attention to them, you pretty soon will spot any small deviation and the urge to fix it. So how can we fix converging lines? There are several methods that you can use and it is usually a matter of preference. You can skew your lines in Photoshop or PS Elements, or PTlens. For someone that already has Photoshop I recommend using it. For someone that doesn’t have either I’d recommend PTlens since it is $25 USD and Photoshop is $600+ USD. The current versions of Photoshop Elements (~$99 USD) also work well. Scott Hargis has put together a great step-by-step tutorial and I recommend checking it out. http://scotthargisphoto.wordpress.com/2009/10/11/lets-get-this-straight/

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